Attract-Rx™ Customer Success Stories

Below are actual, unedited emails which we have received from some of our customers.

We would love to hear from everyone who tries Attract-Rx™ and we encourage your feedback. If you have a testimonial that you'd like to share with us, please send us an email and we will post your message here. For your privacy, your email address and last name will not be posted.

"Hi,you can use this as a testimonial if you like........... 1 year supply received March 2009 thanks keeps me good till Aug 2010. Been on this product for 3 years. I can make it work anyday anywhere, i can cut thru womens perfume and a pathetic mans axe. I can steal women from guys chatting them up in a bar with just 2 words. I'm seeing a woman over 10 years my junior. Shes beautiful and sexy, petite and a great person. I have so many women wanting a piece of me i dont know what i would do with them. No matter where i go i get eyed up. Women discuss me with their boyfriends. The boyfriends look at me baffled. You see,i dont really think im good looking, not ugly but average. I get hit on, in public and brushed up against in the bars. And some of these women are hot. And because of this product i am hot. Drinking establishments want me in their bars, think about that, they like it when i am there. I know because i keep my ear to the ground. People talk. I have so many people liking me that it's almost sinful. I'm sure if i got laid off from work some one would like me enough to employ me. Now there's something to think about. Something else to think about. I have so many women after me that my significant other wants me to stop doing what i'm doing. She can't take the competion. Thanks AttractRx, great customer service, outstanding product, here's to more years of fun and excitement."

"Your product is insane! Honestly I am a real quiet guy... In fact I stay away from women because I figured they are too complex and all that stuff. My excuse was 'I want to remain Mysterious'... lol. So I just said what the hell bought 1 months supply of RX. and Holy shit! 2 days after these two girls came up to me in a mall and were like 'have we met before, I think weve seen u' I added them on msn. And im really hitting it off with one of them which was prolly the intended Idea.. im 20 years old.. this has never happened to me at all never in parties, places, clubs, NEVER! U guys shuld step up ur marketing or something this is amazing. Thank you."

"Your product is so wonderfull, I can say so for having been using it for years, from before 2007 till now, so to say I am an elder customer (or) user of attract-rx. attract-rx remains my best kept very well " sealed " secret. attract-rx is a part of me, my flesh, my spirit and my soul the key to my positiveness. Those who are my very friends and relatives ask me what is the method I use to be so succesfull with women, I give them sound ways of seduction, but for sure my strength is attract-rx , and for sure I would never tell them."

"...Oh and by the way I should tell you that I love this product! Works like a charm :)"

"I've been getting a lot of attention these days from a lots of women. one attractive young lady approach me that didn't talk to me in years now started to talk to me while I was sitting at my desk at work thank you very much for a powerful product."
Marques F.

"Hi, I just received the Attract RX and am already noticing results after 3 days (thanks!!), I just have one question about the product... Just curious, thanks!"

"I tried it and this particular day I had an eye doctors appointment. The female staff member was sitting close and a was instructing me on placing my contact lens. Almost immediately she began fanning her thighs repeatedly, looked at me and her face flushed red. She excused herself and entered the bathroom facility in the rear of the facility. She stayed approximately ten minutes, when she returned her face was still red but was beginning to subside. She completed the instructions and I left, as I was walking out the door she came to the window and watched as I entered my vehicle. There was a noticeable reaction the likes of which I have never seen before in a woman. I am a believer now."

"I have taken two bottles and have had great results. I need to know what and how much to take to maintain this status. I need to re-order and I don't know what dose to take. Thank you."
Phyllis S.

"Before taking Attract RX I had never even kissed a woman! I was still a virgin at 21! 3 days after starting to take Attract-Rx, I went on my first date, and I lost my virginity within a week! My friends are in shock. Girls used to see me as 'just a friend' but your pills have changed all that."
Matt K., Wisconsin

"Just a note to update my progress, it definately works, pretty wild i would say. Extremely wild imo,lol. I got my mojo back and i now know how to keep it."

"Getting some positive feedback here. Have some married women in my building, got a few strange looks and seems they are trying to avoid me? Any thoughts,lol? Also strange looks from the coffee shop girls and said "whats that smell?" Smiles and strange stares, caught one actually trying to smell me. Most important just to solve a mystery at my workplace. In describing the affect of this product, would it be normal for a woman to say she's nervous about approaching a guy because her heart is pounding out of her chest? I also know a lady with a heart condition who used to talk to me all the time, over the last couple months it's just a few words and won't even look me in the eye. Thanks for your time and very happy with the attention!"
Kevin M.

"hi there. i have been taking your product for 3 weeks now, and i am impressed. i have a poor diet, smoke a liitle bit and don't exercise; yet i am noticing more flirting, eye contact and intrigue about my cologne that i'm not wearing. i would just like to know how much more i could benifit if i did the right thing, and also, how long will it take untill the product reaches its maximum potency."

"I just want to write to thank you for this amazing product. I've just gotten back into the singles scene after several years of marriage, and I wasn't having much luck with the ladies until I got Attract-RX. Since I've been taking it, women are approaching me. All the attention has given me a much needed boost of confidence. I'm actually enjoying the single life now. I'm ordering the 6 month's supply this time because I never want to run out of this stuff!"
Gene T., Ohio

"I always felt left out when my girlfriends and I would go to clubs. I'm a little self-conscious about my weight, and not really as outgoing as my friends. But since I started taking Attract RX, guys are buying me drinks and introducing themselves to me all the time. I can't believe it. Just a few weeks ago, I met this really great guy and I think it might be leading to a real relationship. I really appreciate your super product. Thanks so much."
Wendy C., New York

"This stuff [Attract-RX] is incredible! I'm like a sex magnet now and I love it!!! I never would have thought this would really work but I'm getting more tang than an astronaut (he he) Thank you guys!"
Jason P., Quebec

"After 12 years of marriage and 2 kids, my wife and I had lost some of our passion in the bedroom. I felt like a sexual camel. We'd go weeks on end without sex. My wife always said she was tired or wasn't in the mood. Since I've been taking Attract RX, my wife's actually been initiating sex and now we're making love several times a week. These pills have made such a difference in our marriage. Thank you for making such a fine product."
Tom W., Florida

"I don't want this to sound cheeky, but I've always fantasized about having some hot young thing coming on to me. Now at 49 it's finally happening. All I can say is fabulous product."
Nigel, London UK

"hay this is kevin axxxxxxx, just writting to say i appreciat how fast yall return stuff to thanks for the quick delivery and is it cause i gave a little extra or what just wondering cause i order bout 4 days ago and its her now it got fed x to me is it cause i added a little extra r yall just do that thanks later"
Kevin A.

"Never had a lot of success with ladies but am starting to get interest in me now. Women come talk to me I don't know which is great feeling. Dating life much improved many thanks."
Tran N., California

"The singles scene is tough... I was skeptical but decided to give ATTRACT-RX because I was really curious to see if it could work. I figured with a money back guarantee I had nothing to lose. So I gave it a try and the first night I used it I had men all over me, buying me drinks and asking me out. I never had that kind of response before, so I have to think that the pills had something to do with it. Just wanted to let you know it seems to be working already. I'll keep you posted - thanks!"
Heather M., New Zealand

"I wish I had found your site sooner. I was suckered into one of those ads for androsterone pheromone concentrate. I bought a little bottle that cost me 60 bucks with shipping. I used it all up in like 2 1/2 weeks and I got no results from it. Zilch. I agree with you these pheromone colognes are a crock. Thanks for your honesty. What you said makes a lot of sense so I bought a 1 month supply and noticed results IMMEDIATELY. Really getting a lot of attention from girls in my classes and at parties. My buddies keep asking me what I'm doing differently but I won't tell them - this is my secret but I had to thank you for helping out guys like me. I'll be buying more and you'll be hearing from me again about my conquests :)"

"...your product is better than I expected."
Steve, Sydney Australia

"I'm happily married so I don't need to use Attract-Rx to meet women but I do use it to help me in business. I'm a car salesman and if you've never sold cars before then you don't know how difficult it is, especially these days. My family depends on my salary alone and so I need every advantage I can get over my colleagues. Since I've been using Attract-Rx my sales have gone up over 80% and I'm now the top salesman in the company (they have 12 locations in 3 states). My coworkers can't believe it and they keep asking me what's my secret. They see how customers respond to me and know something is different but they can't put their finger on it. I just had to tell you how amazing your product is and to place my order for more right now. You can post this message on your website but lease don't publish my location or my name. Thank you"
Name and Location Withheld

"3 days so far and already noticing a difference in how people react to me. I had no idea this stuff was so f**king powerful"
Josh F., Texas


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